Find the one perfect VA or the right person for your Customer Service by trusting in our highly qualified professionals!
We are a dedicated team and company with 15+ years of experience in the industry and certified
professionals who will guarantee that our services and quality are up to your standards!

Searching for someone to handle your VA?

Or maybe what you’re looking for is
someone to handle your Customer Service:

A great choice if you need someone to remotely help you handle that extra volume of work for your business. Especially in demand for entrepreneurs and online businesses, usually small and mid-size.

Virtual Assistants are the go-to choice for specific tasks, such as heavy email flow, particular administrative tasks, or managing social media accounts.

Highly qualified and with multiple years of experience, our VAs won’t disappoint you. They will complete the tasks you need to be done with dedication and professionalism.

Customer Service is a great choice to offer your clients extra support before and after they make their purchases with you. Its sole objective is to make their experience while shopping at your store as good as possible.

Great Customer Service will bring loyalty from your customers and will make your business and its sales grow exponentially.

Have an actual human representing the brand, answer any questions the potential customer might have, and solve any problem they might encounter along the way.

Our professionals will help your business by answering calls, chats, emails, social media,
and even text messages if you have that tool integrated into your business.
Always with professionalism and empathy for your customers.

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The highest quality!

Our certified professionals have many years of experience to guarantee the highest quality of our work.

Expert Advisors

We are a very dedicated team of professionals who will make sure that all the work we do is up to your standards by always communicating with you.

You’re in safe hands!

All your data is 100% secure and encrypted to ensure data safety at all times.

Fast turnaround

Because we are aware you’re working with a deadline in mind for your projects, we make sure that we meet those deadlines so you get your translations on time!

Customer Service, Wordasa

Your Proven Partner for 15+ Years – Elevate Your Communication with Expert Services.


We are available via chat and email.

Monday to Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Friday: 9 AM to 2 PM

Customer Service, Wordasa
Customer Service, Wordasa
Customer Service, Wordasa
Customer Service, Wordasa
Customer Service, Wordasa
Customer Service, Wordasa
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